The Kurdish filmmaker was selected by the Busan Film School
Mar 14, 2024
The Kurdish filmmaker was selected by the Busan Film School
Saman Hosseinpour, a Kurdish filmmaker from Iran, was selected by the Busan Film School.
According to Kurdewari news agency, every year Busan Film School selects and invites some talented filmmakers and producers in Asia and offers a full scholarship to these filmmakers to participate in the seven-month period.
The International Production and Film Business Course is the first international film business academy in Asia, established to train key players in the film industry for globalization.
  One of the most important goals of this course is to create a network for international co-productions through active communication and solidarity among Asian filmmakers.
This seven-month academic course is held under the supervision of the Busan Film Commission in this city and focuses on issues such as attracting foreign capital for the production of feature films (Funds), international joint productions (Co-production), sales, distribution and Other items will focus on the film business.
The Hollywood Reporter in 2018 named this event as one of the top 15 international events in the world's film industry.
Among the 107 candidates examined in this course, only 45 were interviewed and finally 17 qualified for full school scholarships were selected.
Saman Hosseinpour is a master's student in cinema, a graduate of the Berlinale talent camp, the Asian Film Academy and a member of the Short Film Association (ISFA).
In his career, he has produced and directed more than ten short fiction films such as "Digri", "Maderzad", "Suitcase" and... These works have won numerous awards and participated in prestigious international festivals.
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